Welcome to Luxury Street Music, where we believe that the right music provides us with the sense of true luxury. Luxury itself is a state of mind; we try to connect people so that we all have luxurious lifestyles, no matter where we live or what our income is.

After all – life is what we make of it. With the helpĀ of our local experts, we all can enjoy life to the fullest.

Derrick Wilson, CEO & Founder




We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze.


derrick Wilson Luxury Life MusicMeet Derrick Wilson: CEO and the brains behind this operation. Bringing you the best in luxury lifestyle directly to your own home, on your own budget.

An artist, writer, avid gamer and a fitness fanatic, Derrick is also a lover of all things luxury. He loves to share his insights and knowledge on bringing the luxury lifestyle, luxury music and all things nice, to life.

Check out Derrick as the star at a book signing event:

As a writer, Derrick has published two bestselling novels, available in 25,000 bookstores nationwide. Take a look below and click on the titles to purchase.

No more secrets

No more secrets is a mafia book and it has heartbreaking moments, just as well as hilarious. Miles, who gets mixed up in a business with some Mafia bosses delivering briefcases. The entire time he thinks he’s working for the government. Until an agent by the name of Julia informs him otherwise, about him being finagled by the Mafia boss. She sends him a letter that states, life or death is in your hand just take a look. After a while of wracking his brain trying to figure out who sent the letter and what it meant. One day while he was out on an assignment it finally came to him, life or death is in your hand just take a look, as he fumbled with the briefcase until he got it open. There were documents of people that were supposed to be assassinated and drug deals that were supposed to be carried out. With him finding out this information it put him and anyone that was close to him life in jeopardy. Miles race to stay alive and try to defuse the problem in the midst of confusion. There are three detectives doing investigative work that in the end turns out to be deadly assassins working for one of the mafia bosses. I promise you this is the book for the future I hope everyone will consider this book as a classic and have it among the other great Authors on their bookshelves.

codyThe Adventures of Spot, Cody, Boozer and Aaliyah

Four puppies, young and adventurous, take a journey of a lifetime. After sneaking out of the house and roaming the dangerous city streets, they encounter some trouble. The four of them get lost and bond with each other. This is what helps them survive.

More Secrets Coming Soon!!


I claim the Design of the Three Pillow system.

I’m currently looking for investors to help take my pillow design to the next level. If you are interested and would like to donate or invest in the concept you are welcome to email me at Luxurystreetmusic@yahoo.com. See how it works here:

Three Pillow System