😔 Former Actress Maia Campbell Spotted Looking Unwell in Georgia

LL Cool J and Maia Campbell

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The internet went into a frenzy an Atlanta-based Rapper post a video of Mia Campell who once was diagnosed with a mental disorder was seen on via the internet as The Atlanta rapper displayed her at her worse asking for drugs on camera. He had the one-time star of a tv show pumping his gas as she shared a story of her being possibly raped by a man. The internet wasn’t too happy with the video that was leaked of the former actress and took to the internet to display their feelings.  some people couldn’t believe that it was her in disbelief. LL Cool J hen on twitter and made a few comments on how he felt about the exploitation of the once actress and good friend of his. The internet began to trend with the comments and posts of the video and people also began going on LL Cool looking for answers. LL Cool J also wasn’t happy with the video and had this to say…

He had this to say!

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Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who’s obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word? @MaiaCampbell 

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A disheveled Campbell is heard sharing details of an alleged rape and other troubling details all pointing to a possible drug relapse. The video has garnered attention with many trying to find and assist Campbell.

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Not long after the video went “viral,” the man in the video known as rapper T-Hood shared how he could care less about Campbell’s well-being. He also attempted to push the unwanted narrative of race and denounced her battle with bipolar disorder.

“Y’all n****s would not be mad if I posted a white girl,” he said in an Instagram video by way of Straight From The A. “If I would have run into muthaf***king Hillary Duff/ Lizzy McGuire and she was asking for crack and [was] sucking d**k at the gas station for money for crack, I would have posted her, too.”

“Just because she was a black actress from back in the day, who we already all know from Redan. She been on the block for years. We been knew this b***h. She been doing dumb sh*t. Went in the industry got geek up f**ked all in the streets, n***as sent her back to Atlanta and she got geeked up some more. This ain’t no mental disorder this b***h is just high as f**k.”


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