Birdman- Posts a TBT Picture With Him and Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne Answers back With A “Fuck Birdman”



Lil Wane & Birdman 


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Lil Wayne net worth: $150 Million  & Birdman net worth: $180 Million

Birdman posted a TBT picture of him and Lil Wayne on an Instagram page and Lil Wayne took offense to the picture at one of his shows screaming “Fuck Birdman” at one of his sold-out shows. Birdman has been yet to respond to the diss many may he called Lil Wayne up maybe not. We all are unsure how the lawsuit is going and why Baby didn’t just pay Lil Wayne since he claiming him as a son. The two has made history together and it’s sad to see something take place like this but is always one of two things that destroy a relationship communication and financial problems. I hope the can fix this issue yet I highly doubt that it will restore the father like son bond. One more question If Lil Wayne is worth 150 and Baby is worth 180 and Wayne is suing for 51 million will that make Wayne worth more than Baby?

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Nashville and ATL up next! #Kloser2UTour

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Lil Wayne says ‘Birdman Can S*ck my D*CK’ While Performing on Stage.



Lil Wayne – Free C5 (Full Mixtape April 2017)

Blac Youngsta – Birthday “Young Dolph Diss”- (I’m Innocent)


Blac Youngsta


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Blac Youngsta Net Worth: $1.3 Million

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Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta has been released from a North Carolina jail after he turned himself in earlier this week on charges stemming from a shooting incident earlier this year involving another Memphis rapper, Young Dolph, authorities said.

Blac Youngsta, 27, whose real name is Sammie Marquez Benson, surrendered Tuesday to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office in Charlotte after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Two of his associates, Fredrick Black and Antavius Gardner, were also charged in the shooting incident, according to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

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Blac Youngsta just dropped a diss song amided at Young Dolph. The only problem is he have an open case dealing with a hundred shots that were fired at Young Dolph vehicle in North Carolina and Blac Youngsta currently out on bond. Me personally don’t think it a good idea, but Blac Youngsta seems to think it’s a helluva one. Many are saying that Young Dolph Mixtape is  Bulletproof reflected on the night of the shooting.

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Jennifer Lopez- Teamed Up With Giuseppe Zanotti

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez net worth:$360 Million

JLO is Jennifer Lopez’s shoe line that shows Jenny’s true love for shoes. She claims to have a huge shoe collection.








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Jennifer Lopez Launches Shoe Collection With Giuseppe Zanotti | E! Live from the Red Carpet

JLo Rock Her New (Giuseppe Zanotti) Shoes


Kim Kardashian- Shoe Dazzle For The Lovely Ladies



Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian net worth:$150 Million
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Kim Kardashian’s latest project is Shoedazzle, an online shoe sensation that has generated more than $20 million. At just $39.95 a shoe, it’s no surprise her line has become extremely popular.






Stepping up into the MET like…. I have the best glam team! ❤️💄💋 thank you @makeupbymario @michaelsilvahair

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Shoedazzle com TV Commercial, ‘High on Heels’ Song by Karmin




Kim Kardashian Gets a Girl’s Dream Closet






Stepping up into the MET like…. I have the best glam team! ❤️💄💋 thank you @makeupbymario @michaelsilvahair

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Stepping up into the MET like…. I have the best glam team! ❤️💄💋 thank you @makeupbymario @michaelsilvahair

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Beyonce Shoe Line -Keeping It Fabulous!




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Beyonce Knowles net worth:$450 Million

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Beyonce and her mom Tina Knowles launched their fashion line, House of Dereon, in 2004. The collection offers classy and unique shoes that are quite a couture.






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How to Dress Like Beyonce!

How to Dress Like Beyonce!

‘Shoe-lover’ Beyonce Shells-out $312K on Pair of Heels







Funk Flex- Diss 2Pac -They Talk Shit After I’m Gone- But Fear Me In The Physical Form!

Funk Flex 

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Funkmaster Flex net worth:$14 Million


Somebody take funk Flex laptop and hide it he not allowed on the internet for 30 days his social media presence has been revoked.  Funk Flex made some statements about the deceased legend 2Pac who has been abducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and on Instagram and Pac fans wasn’t having it. We don’t know what motivated the conversation maybe jealousy, envy or a list of other things. But from my point of view, it was a sucka move. TI took to social media to weigh in on the situation telling Flex, that in no way shape or form is it by any mains cool to speak down on the deceased and you had the same platform aka job as you as you have now as a radio host that you could have said this while 2Pac was still alive. I figured Flex waited till 2Pac was dead because if he had said this while 2pac was alive he would have been airing and broadcasting from a bunker 300,000 feet underground with USA task force members guarding your safe house. Flex has managed to be aiming at a lot of Mcs lately. Is it for attention because he has been hosting for a while yet Dj Khaled, Dj Envy, and others seem to be more relevant with way less effort. I use to like Flex but after the 2Pac rant, I lose a lot of respect for the big homie. I still respect him butIi feel some of the thinks he roll out the bed with he could have slept on and the 2Pac issues are one of them. 2Pac is one of the most influential and most respected artists in hip hop. And I know you are from New York and you learn more toward Big, but and may even feel that Big should have been drafted instead. The fact of the matter remains we seen his trial and tribulations his court and charges the drama he went through the fact his parents were black panthers and his poetry he wrote and you come along trying to destroy his legacy. Sit your ass down and be humble. Just as Pac said they talk about me after I’m gone cause they fear me in a physical form on the song troublesome. You get no cool points no love and no respect for this on it was a no go.

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The Reason Why Tupac Shot The 2 Off Duty Police Officers (Morpreme Interview)

2Pac – Troublesome ’96 (OG) HQ